She Really is the best!

Morgan has been my Beauty Therapist for over 11 years. She is professional, gentle and knowledgable and provides an amazing service every time. I have tried other salons during travel or when Morgan was booked out but its just not the same. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Morgan’s services to anyone, she really is the best. 

– Irina Monnier


I am seeing the benefits of Skinstitut continually on my skin.

I started to get mild adult acne in about 2012. At the time I didn’t understand skin or my diet. To a certain extent, I still do not understand skin. I am a huge advocate for a holistic lifestyle and using all things natural. So when I asked Morgan if she could help me with my skin using a holistic approach to skincare I was very excited. Morgan was very professional and upfront with me, she advised that changes wouldn’t happen overnight – this was the biggest hurdle for me. Having problematic skin on my FACE for everyone to see, I just wanted it fixed right then and there. But all good things take time. Sure enough, after multiple sessions comprising of peels and needling my skin finally calmed down and I saw dramatic changes. At the time it felt like nothing was happening but when I reflected on the before & after photos Morgan had captured, I was surprised at the difference and changes in my skin (all positive). I am super grateful I persevered through my personalised treatment plan and didn’t result to taking medications or medicated creams as I am seeing the benefits of Skinstitut continually on my skin. I now send anyone to Morgan who has skin complaints and is looking for a customised skin protocol.

 – Natasha Olm


perfectly shaped brows, immaculately manicured nails.

For perfectly shaped brows to immaculately manicured nails you need to visit The Philocalst/Morgan. With a welcoming smile and great conversation, she consistently does a perfect job every time; that's why I don't go anywhere else. 

–Kate Seymour

I'd recommend her to anyone!

I have been a client of Morgan's for ten years, and in that time I've seen her for waxing, facials, makeup, and pedicures. Morgan is absolutely fantastic and makes sure everything is done to exceptional standards. With every beauty service, she really consults you and delivers you what you are looking for. Her advice and guidance on my skincare regime have ensured that any concerns I have are addressed and I have confidence in how I look as a result. I always look forward to seeing Morgan, and I'd recommend her to anyone!

– Erica McLellan


Morgan is sincere and passionate. I trust her advice implicitly

Morgan’s commitment to keeping up to date with the science of skin make her a professional like no other. Her assessment and tailor-made solutions are based on an incredible depth of knowledge and genuine know-how. 

Morgan is sincere and passionate. I trust her advice implicitly – and have done for more than a decade.  

– Ella Rigget 


Morgan has transformed my skin.

Morgan has transformed my skin with her holistic guidance and treatments. Suffering from congestion and pigmentation, Morgan expertly cared for my skin with salon treatments that are effective yet relaxing. Also, I trust no one else with my eyebrows and her manicures and pedicures are lasting and luxurious.  

– Anthea Patch

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